Sep 28

Kirkwood Wine Stroll Tonight

The Kirkwood Business Association will host the sixth annual Wine Stroll tonight, Friday, Sept. 28, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. along Hosea Williams Drive of the historic neighborhood. A variety of businesses in Kirkwood will be participating in the stroll which will enable you to sample wines from around the world in each of …

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Apr 22

Things to Clean at The Car Wash

Oh, the things you can clean at the car wash!  The high pressure spray and foaming hogs hair brush are PERFECT for so many other things around your home or office.  Check out our new board on Pinterest — Things to Clean at The Car Wash — and tell us what YOU wash at the car …

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Mar 26

Landscaping a Small Space

Kirkwood Car Wash takes pride in providing a clean, family friendly atmosphere. Part of that includes keeping the small space by the street manicured and landscaped with plantings. There are also a variety of potted plants and flowers for you to enjoy!

Mar 21

Atlanta Pollen Count Drops

Today’s Atlanta pollen count drops to nearly half of yesterday’s all-time record, and weather forecasters are offering up a good chance of air-cleansing showers by week’s end. Does this mean relief for those that suffer from pollen allergies?

Mar 19

Spring Allergies Bloom Early

Winter 2011-2012 was the fourth largest winter on record.  As a result, plants will be producing more pollen than normal, and have started earlier this spring than usual. Get some tips on coping with seasonal allergies in this video from cbsNews, “Spring allergies bloom early.”

Feb 20

Remove Pollen Gently

Three words of advice: “remove pollen gently.” Here’s why: Pollen is something you want to remove as often as you can. A pollen grain can cling to pores in the various materials and finishes composing your vehicle, including the paint. Notice, in the image at left, the hooked barbs of a single grain of pollen, …

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Feb 13

Love Is in the Air

Love is in the air — er, I mean pollen! Pollen can be damaging to all parts of your vehicle, both the exterior and interior.  And while millions suffer in some way from pollen allergies — it sure is beautiful! Check out these galleries of pollen images. National Geographic, Love Is in the Air Environmental …

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Feb 06

Honor Thy Auto

Come Honor Thy Auto @ Kirkwood Car Wash!

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